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The TROGettes Graduate!!

For the last 6 months TROG ladies and WAGS have been taking part in some off road MTB training with British Cycling coach and fellow TROG member Graham Elliott (G), and all have now successfully graduated.

From left to right:  Karen (blondie), Melissa, Jodie (JGC1984), Jo (JoJo), Isabel (sportsinkfarm), Lizzie (Buff), Debbie.  In front:  Graham (G). Missing:  Beth

In total 8 ladies took part, an ideal sized group for the training, with varied skills and experience from regular racer to those who ride a bike infrequently.  

G had in place all the important things in preparation for the training - tea and biscuits - and the sessions covered the following:

  • Correct Position on bike, including brake lever positioning for single finger braking
  • Braking
  • Ready Position
  • Weight Shift
  • Track Stand
  • Effective use of gears
  • Puncture repairs
  • Drive Train maintenance
  • Front Wheel Manual
  • Rear wheel manual
  • Front wheel powered Lift
  • Step Up
  • Step down
  • Step Over
  • Descending (pits and bomb holes)
  • Cornering technique
  • Ride Safety including use of insect repellent, things to carry with you, things to consider when planning a ride

For the majority of the group the main barrier to better riding was confidence.  With the continued training and riding with a like-minded group you could feel the levels of confidence increase each session and the riding improve.  A key highlight, which really demonstrated how well the group had progressed, was during a session in Thetford forest where we were hooning around in Howe's pit, as some guys looked on tentatively from the edge, and also bombing down Double Shocker to the surprise of the guys on The Beast we beat to the bottom - they finished their run with some painful manhood (not sure why they felt the need to broadcast that info) and we finished with some cool skids.

As you can see from the picture, during our last session in Tunny we all surprised G with some custom t-shirts – I think he liked them J

It must have been quite amusing to see all the pink whizzing  around the forest, at least we were easy to spot.  We did the Mud Sweat & Gears race loop, with a few additions – it was very wet and muddy – lots of fun and we all made it up token hill (in the wet)!!!

So what now for the ladies…

We are now having regular ladies rides, allowing us to ride at the pace we are all comfortable, whilst still pushing ourselves and learning from each other.  We are all much more confident with our riding and enjoying being out on the bike.

Jodie is continuing racing (with some excellent results) and Blondie is putting her toe more into the racing area and will be taking part in the Thetford Summer Enduro on 9th July – 6 hrs solo may be a bit more that a toe though J

The course has also been incredibly good for Isabel and the coaching she does with the Tri kids, with increased depth of knowledge to draw from and using the Bike/helmet check so they lead it themselves.

We are also thinking about putting in another ladies team for Dusk Till Dawn – hopefully without the rain this year – and organizing some weekends away.

Watch this space – “here come the girls!!”

On Sunday the 19h of June TROG will be hosting an introductory tour of the trails.

If you're not a biking god, don't worry, this is an event open to all.  For full details, see the link to the forum below, and please let us know if you plan to come along.

Introductory Tour of the Trails forum post

Race season is now almost here and the clocks change on Sunday, so it's time to start sharpening up those legs!

It doesn't matter whether you're an old hand at racing, a beginner or simply want to go a bit faster - come down and have a go at an off-road TT.  It'll be a short course (approx 3.5 miles) and the plan is to do two or three timed laps each. No winners, no losers, simply your own time to beat on each go.

Meet up at Fire Road 22 (see here) on 29/03 at 7.00pm for a bimble round the course and we'll start timing from 7.30.

See you there!


If you've any questions or want to discuss this please see the club forum.



On 27th of Feb TROG are holding an introductory ride at Tunstall forest for anyone who would like to sample mountain bike riding within the forest without the pressure of having to keep up with the racers.

If you've never joined a TROG ride or you've been along but felt you were struggling with the pace then this is the ride for you.

Full details are available in the Visitors Lounge forum: click here.




Once again TROG are proud to be hosting a round of the Mud, Sweat and Gears Eastern Region MTB race series.

This year we're hosting the 3rd round which will be held on the 5th of June at Tunstall Forest.  For further details check out the MSG website;

Please join us in praying for better weather than last year!

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