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Further to the earlier post regarding the forest sell off;

  1. A campaign website has been set up;
  2. And there's another one here;
  3. We have heard rumours that Rendlesham and Dunwich forests are likely to be priorities for the sell-off.
  4. We have heard further rumours that the list of saleable forests and timetable may be decided as early as February of this year.
  5. BBC Newsnight is broadcasting a debate on the proposed sale of England’s publicly owned forest land on BBC2 at 22.30 on Friday 21st January 2011.

The Save Our Woods site has a map showing the scale of the potential sell off!  They also have Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds to make it easy to keep on top of any news.

It was announced recently that the government plans to sell off many public forests to private entities (link)!  The selling of public lands could mean that they're no longer open to the general public to use and enjoy as they currently do.  Such closures are not only a potential threat to us mountain bikers, but also to dog walkers, horse riders and to anyone who enjoys getting away from overcrowded towns and cities to spend time in areas of natural beauty.

Currently it isn't known which forests are planned to be sold however the loss of any public playground isn't an appealing prospect.

TROG are supporting and promoting the on-line petition opposing these proposals, in addition to signing the petition, writing to your MP and making your feelings known will hopefully encourage them to challenge these proposals.  A list of MPs and their contact details is available here.  There is also a template letter in the Members Lounge forum.

As a thank you to one of our sponsors for their support over the last few years we've had one of our race shirts framed for them, check it out below;



The TROG AGM is quickly approaching.  Various committee members are stepping down and the direction the club should take over the next 12 months needs to be planned.

If you'd like to be more involved with the club, or just want to see what's in store, please attend the meeting and have your say at Kesgrave Social Club at 7:30pm on 09/11/10.

The FC have advised us that there will be a horse event taking place in Tunstall Forest over this weekend (30th & 31st of October), as such we have been asked to avoid the forest while this takes place.  This doesn't impact Rendlesham Forest, which is as open and accessible as normal.

If you're looking for a ride, JohnE is leading a route in the Sherringham area on Sunday, see the Rides section of the forum for more details.

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