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2010 was the 3rd year in a row that TROG attended Thetford's Dusk Til Dawn, 12hr overnight race.  2008 was a washout, 2009 was a dust-fest and 2010 once again saw the rain-gods conspiring against us.

There were many teams riding for TROG, with all the categories covered (solo, 2s, 3s, 4s, male and female).  As the rain took hold the track started to deteriorate; laps that took 1hr to begin with soon turned into 2hrs and over.



As the night drew on and the conditions worsened, different teams tackled the challenge ahead in their own ways.  Some decided that it wasn't worth ruining their bikes and potentially themselves and called it a night, whereas others saw fewer competitors in their way and battled on until the end!

Congratulations to Dawn & Tina for getting on the podium and very well done to Carl & Dan and Jules & Mike for making the top 10.  A special mention goes out to Steve Manser who battled on all night in a solo effort to raise money for the James Paget Hospital in Lowestoft and West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds.


At the end of the night the TROG results were as follows;

Solo - Male
22nd Steve Manser
27th Simon Gooch
57th Andy Ward
94th Mark Lambert
103th James Shillaw
107th Leslie Heather

Pairs - Female
3rd Dawn Pretty & Tina Potter

Pairs - Male
4th Carl Smith & Dan Howe
7th Jules Bosley & Mike Moore
21st David Anderson & Simon Rudland
38th Adrian Healey & Mark Hodge
44th Mark Algar & Mike Robinson
53rd Chris Lupton & Ian France
63rd Danny Ellis & Ian Aldis

Threes - Female
5th Jodie Cole, Karen Aldis & Lizzy Stevens

Fours - Male
36th Billy Baxter, Ian Wilson, Pat Kearney & Paul Wood

Dusk 'Til Dawn 2010 is fast approaching and the club's preparations are well under-way.  Over the last 2 years the weather has brought the extremes of torrential rain and desert-like dust bowls.  What will this year hold?

For more information on TROG's preparation, or to get involved, see the Race Forum.

TROG Attended the Ipswich UCS Freshers Fair on 23/09/10.

There were lots of stalls competing for the attentions of the new influx of students, but amongst the sports, political and religious societies, and not forgetting the free pizza, we seemed to gain a few interested people.

For more information about TROG, please contact one of the committee members, or sign up to to the forum and say hello.

Mud, Sweat and Gears Round 5 was held at Langdon Hills, Thurrock on 19/09/10 and we had a really good TROG turn-out in pretty much every category.

Mud, Sweat & Gears is a really good race series, offering something for everyone from novices through to seasoned pros.  If you've ever fancied seeing what racing's all about without the pressure of the more demanding race series' then why not join us for the next and final round on 10/10/10 at Chelmsford's Hylands Park?

Some of our models above are sporting the new TROG race shirts, bib-shorts and windtex jerseys!  That's right the new race-wear has arrived, once the pre-orders have been dealt with the spare stock will be made available.

For all the results and post race write-ups see the Race section of the TROG Forum.

Sunday 19th of September sees Felixstowe Spa Pavillion host the 2010 Suffolk Sports Awards, details in the Member's Lounge forum.  TROG have nominations in several categories, for the club as a whole and for individual club members;


Club of the Year: TROG

Volunteer of the Year: Andy Tyler

Team of the Year: Mountain Mayhem Race Team

Lifetime Achievement Award: Chris Lupton, David Anderson

Sports Personality of the Year: Jodie Cole, Lizzie Stevens


Good luck on the night!

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